This page explains what personal information we gather when you visit the Rank Centre for CA website (www.rankcentreforca.com) and details how that information is used.

Who will process my personal information?

The information published here applies to the use of your personal information (also known as ‘personal data’) by the Rank Centre for CA through the viewing or use of its core website (www.rankcentreforca.com) or any website within the Rank Centre for CA domain which has pointed you to this page. The information published here is limited to the use of personal information by academy websites; various other notices are published in relation to our use of the personal information of applicants, students, staff, alumni, and others.

Personal information collected

We also collect the request made by your browser to the server hosting the website which includes the IP address, the date and time of connection, and the page you ask for. We use this information to ensure the security of our websites and we delete it after a maximum of 3 months. We may use and disclose it as necessary in the event of a security concern or incident.

The use of your personal information in the above ways is necessary for the legitimate interests of the Academy in operating and improving its websites, analysing their use and ensuring their security. Our websites collect very little personal information and we use it in ways that are compatible with your individual rights and freedoms. Where you enter your personal information into an online form on any of our websites for any specified purpose, you will be told about the use we will make of that information (eg to send you newsletters or to enable your attendance at an event).

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